Amy Kalama Hochreiter - Awaken the Heart Whole Person Health Coaching
Amy Kalama Hochreiter   -  Awaken the Heart      Whole Person Health              Coaching

Workshops available include topics such as

The Art of Discernment ~ Hearing your inner wisdom
Women's Wisdom
Heart Light Healing
Golden Angel Healing
Awaken Your Heart Light Body

Trauma Cleansing


Sacred Soul Cellular Cleansing is also available in a small group format

Individual Intensives also available:

Experience individual attention to your specific need, in a brief focused one-on-one appointment.

Whether it is training or coaching, this can be available as a half-day, whole day or multiple day experience, by ZOOM, phone or in person.

These are designed on an individual basis and priced accordingly. Continuing individual sessions provide support as you implement the changes or learning you desire.

Contact information 

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

PO Box 64396 

Tucson AZ 85728


Phone 1-877-300-1279

Phone: 1-520-272-4290

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