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 Heart Light Energy Sessions

are a wonderful way to allow your body to receive the energy it needs for self healing, relief, recuperation & revitalization. A harmonious combination of energies given as a light touch while you are fully clothed and resting in a comfortable environment or your own home, allows you to have deep rest and relaxation to revive.

Using Heart Light healing energy, Amy Kalama’s gentle hands and this beautiful energy allows your body, mind, heart and soul to restore health, wellness and reinvigorate your being.

This advanced form of energy healing, aligns you with your inner Self in a transformative & totally effective way.

This energy healing will last about a month, depending on your state of health. Most clients feel rested, relaxed and energized after only one session, though a minimum of three or more is best. Many feel lighter, freer and more in sync with their true nature, or a renewed sense of being alive.

Amy Kalama has used energy medicine to help others for over 30 years:

“The session with Amy was amazing. I feel lighter and relaxed.”

“Felt like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders…”

“Thank you so much for being a big part of my recovery.”

“Thanks for your help… I am still feeling better.”

“I think it’s a miracle, I don’t feel any pain.”

"I honor the work you did on me. I can't express how much. You are a gifted and powerful healer."

"Many thanks for the healing. It sounds like there was much to be done. Today I feel lighter and brighter."

Heart Light Energy Medicine Sessions

can assist almost anyone with an ailment or complaint. You may need relief from stress, relaxation, or desire a solution to a life dilemma. You may have a complex array of health issues that are not easily solved. Many clients seek help to complement their current medical care. Others have exhausted the traditional standard of care, which failed to solve health concerns or seek integrative methods for healing pain and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Some clients have chronic pain or chronic illness, that medicine is unable to cure. Others may have a mental or emotional disturbance, either major or something less severe such as insomnia, or fatigue, etc. Men and women may have hormonal imbalances, or energetic disturbances, which are now more common with our electromagnetic and cellular pollution. More mature clients may have considerable concerns regarding spirituality and mid-life or end of life matters. Post surgery or hospital stay, post injury and post traumatic stress are additional reasons for a visit.

All sessions are self pay since insurance does not yet cover energy medicine sessions. We are looking forward to developing standard research, which one day will contribute to the growing body of evidence that shows the tremendous benefit of energy healing to one's overall health and well-being. Many practitioners offer a sliding scale to help those on a limited budget afford the sessions.

Regardless of the issue, you may be asked to continue working for a number of sessions. Additional suggestions, may be given during or after the session, regarding adding good sensible healthy practices to your life, such as drinking more water, walking in nature, eating healthy food, seeing a good natural practitioner, supplementing with nutrients our foods often lack, etc. These are not a requirement but will enhance the energy work and assist your body to return to an improved, more harmonious and healthy balance.

Healing, while a remarkable tool to help you regain your health and spirituality, is not a "magic bullet" and will require your sincere participation in the healing process. However any recovery process undertaken without some form of energy healing will not be complete. The energy body stores information and the energetic dissonance which created the disturbance in the beginning. Until this is cleared, the likelihood of a recurrence or an energetic transference to another part of the body remains.

Healing is not a replacement for standard medical care from your Physician. It is an adjunct service that does not diagnose but enhances any treatment you currently receive. As an MSW and prior adjunct faculty at the Center for Integrative Medicine, I will consult with your medical provider at your request.

The in person session is given in a quiet relaxed setting, on a massage table with or without music. A session can also be given in your home if travel is difficult. You remain fully clothed and receive a light touch by which the energy is conveyed to your body and energy field. If you prefer, the session can be given without direct touch; any touch given is done in the most sacred and respectful manner. 

(currently only distance healing is given).

Distance healing is given at an agreed time after we communicate by phone or email. This session is very similar to in person healing. You can be resting comfortably during the session or you may be sleeping. It can also be given at other times, and will be as effective, but may not be felt during the session.

Most clients feel extremely relaxed during a session and many fall asleep during this time. At the completion, an overall feeling of ease and well-being is usually experienced. There is likely to be a reduction in stress, tension, and pain, if existing before the session. Clients who previously had an injury, illness or surgery, will likely feel better after the session.

Injuries tend to heal more quickly, emotions clear and resolve more easily, if present before the session. Anxiety and depression, fear and sadness are also relieved as you feel more supported. Many clients feel lighter and have greater clarity of purpose and meaning. Many feel healed and transformed, as obstructions are released. Because the energy goes to the cause of an event, injury, or trauma, past lives and other frequencies may also be cleared energetically through this work. Anyone seeking transformation on any level will likely find these sessions rewarding and worth the experience.

Most of us are like an onion, as a certain amount of energy is transformed and integrated at one time, and it is rare that all can be solved in one session. If there is no change after a number of sessions, ethically, more sessions are not recommended for an improvement to occur. A client may choose to continue sessions, because they like, appreciate or enjoy the energy.

Session fees are per session or per bundle. This includes a 60-90 minute session as well as coaching before and after the energy healing. It also includes whatever energy application is appropriate. It often works best to receive four or more sessions for Spiritual Yoga Energy healing. Additional fees are requested for longer consultations; sliding scale fees are available for those with limited incomes.

For those experiencing a medical, emotional or other type of crisis or issue and in need of immediate assistance, an online healing group of students, practitioners and teachers will send distance healing upon request, at no charge. Please email or call and share name, location, and what needs healing.

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