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Amy Kalama Hochreiter   -  Awaken the Heart      Whole Person Health              Coaching

I am an Energy Medicine Teacher and have been teaching certified practitioners and teachers for 30 years.

Many students and patients who request guidance on their return to health, enjoy energy medicine therapies as the vehicle for catalyzing the spirit's own healing abilities. Most often this creates significant transformation in one's personal life, including relationships, health improvement, career developments, business breakthroughs, and financial success.

I am grateful to have taught energy medicine to medical professionals, including MDs, NPs, RNs, MSWs etc. who wish to help their patients through the UA Program for Integrative Medicine as founded by Dr. Andrew Weil. I am comfortable as a referral source for medical patients and would be happy to provide a free consultation for any medical provider.

Excellent resources for anyone who doubts the scientific validity or effectiveness of energy healing:

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