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Amy Kalama Hochreiter   -  Awaken the Heart      Whole Person Health              Coaching

After being hospitalized for nearly a month as a young pre-teen, I was so grateful for the nurses and staff caring for me, that I desired to spend my life helping others. Teenage distractions, and the 60-70's ideals altered those dreams for many years until a spiritual opening experience brought me back to this same inner reality. I love helping people! For me it is joyful and brings a sense of accomplishment when my gifts and knowledge serve another.

I first worked in retail in high school and as an undergrad, in manufacturing for 12 years. I was named in Who's Who for American Women as a manager within the production control department of a steel mill. (Crucible Steel, Syracuse NY).  


After a spiritual awakening experience, my guidance and inspiration was to pursue a helping profession. Inner reflection and meditation led me to Syracuse University and later Boulder Co to earn a Masters of Social Work at the University of Denver in 1987.  In the last 30+ years, I have served as an MSW in health care (hospitals, home care, outpatient clinic, hospice and rehab) with most ages and diagnoses.


I first learned Reiki when my infant daughter was ill with cancer and a heart defect. Once she recovered, I took Level 2 and became a Reiki Master  (28 years). Assisting my daughter, now a beautiful young woman in her journey toward health remains a tremendous teaching and blessing, which I now can share with others.

I was invited as adjunct faculty in the University of Arizona Program/Center for Integrative Medicine (Dr. Weil), teaching an online module about Reiki and Energy Medicine to medical professionals (MDs, NDs, etc) as well as a mentor for medical students. With other Reiki Masters, I initiated the development of a Reiki Clinic at a local hospital in 1995, one of the first hospitals in the US to officially allow energy healing for their patients.

Now, as an MSW and CPC, I mentor you to achieve the personal, health, life and business success you desire. This includes life and whole person health coaching and facilitation for your wellness and improved potential; using ACT for self-healing; spiritual guidance; and energy medicine to remove blocks and enhance your progress. My training continues in many fields, e.g. hypnotherapy, ACT, EFT, Coaching, etc. so I can better facilitate your growth.

Mystical experiences and gifts allow me to share healing with clients. Golden Angel Healing came to me during a harp concert given by Peter Sterling.   Heart Light Healing was a vision I first experienced in 1985 before I knew anything about energy medicine. As an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, my spiritual healing sessions assist private clients to restore their harmony and balance and lead enriched happy lives. Spiritual Yoga Energy healing is a beautiful synthesis of my teachings under the direction of Sri Babaji. 

Current member of
ACBS (Associaton for Contextual Behavioural Science);
ACBS Coaching SIG;
Social Work SIG;
Contextual Medicine SIG;
ISMHO (International Society for Mental Health Online).

Minister Universal Life Church ( 1995, renewed 2021)

ACT Training:

Steven Hayes workshop Phoenix 8/16: Act 2
Russ Harris on line training "ACT and Mindfulness for Trauma" - spring 2016
Steven Hayes workshop Phoenix 10/12: Mindful Approach to Rapid Clinical Change
ACBS World Convention X: 7/12 ; ACBS Boot Camp 2/2013
Private training with Richard Blonna 4/12: ACT and Coaching

Previous Energy Medicine Training:
University of Denver - MSW 87
Previous member of NASW 92-94

Reiki Master Teacher 1994

Advanced Energy Medicine and

Sacred Gem Healing Training 2001-2007

Hypnotherapy trainings 2003-4

Dick Sutphen past life hypnotherapy trainings 2004

FWI training life coach 2008

Medical Intuition (Conklin)

Cellular Cleansing (Conklin Method) 2014
Color Works - Conklin 2015

Universal Life Church - ordained 1997

Swami Initiaition - 11/2021(Prema Baba Swamiji)


Presenter for NASW annual conference on stress and creativity for seniors
Heart Centered Psychotherapy Training
V. Satir-Family Reconstruction
Suicide Prevention
Alcoholism/Addictions 40 hour training 
Play Therapy;Dance Therapy
Hypnotherapy 1987; Past Life Regression training 2003
Self-Esteem; Opening the Heart 1986; 1991
Therapeutic Touch I and II 1987 (same as Healing Touch now) 
Spirit-at-Work 1987

EFT training 
Co-Meditation with death/dying, grief/loss
Geriatrics specialization in DU Social Work
Family systems training
Brief solution focused training
oncology; cardiac
variety of management courses
statistical quality control
and personal growth courses.







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