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About Amy Hochreiter

After being hospitalized for nearly a month as a young pre-teen, I was so grateful for the nurses and staff caring for me, that I desired to spend my life helping others. Teenage distractions, and the 60-70's ideals altered those dreams for many years until a spiritual opening experience brought me back to this same inner reality. I love helping people! For me it is joyful and brings a sense of accomplishment when my gifts and knowledge can help another.

I first worked in retail in high school and then as an undergrad, in manufacturing for about 12 years. I was named in Who's Who for American Women as a manager within the production control department of a steel mill. (Crucible Steel, Syracuse NY).  


After a spiritual awakening experience, my guidance and inspiration was to pursue a helping profession. After much inner reflection and meditation, I attended first Syracuse University and then, moving to Boulder Co, received a Masters of Social Work at the University of Denver in 1987.  I have since worked as an MSW in health care (hospitals, home care, outpatient clinic, hospice and rehab)with most ages and diagnoses for over 30 years.


I first learned Reiki when my infant daughter was ill with cancer and a heart defect. Once she recovered, I took Level 2 and then became a Reiki Master (now 25 years). Assisting my daughter, now a young adult, in her journey toward health has been a tremendous teaching and blessing, which I can now share with others.

I served as adjunct faculty in the University of Arizona Program/Center for Integrative Medicine (Dr. Weil), teaching an online module about Reiki and Energy Medicine to medical professionals (MDs, NDs, etc) as well as a mentor for medical students. With other Reiki Masters, I initiated the development of a Reiki Clinic at a local hospital in 1995, one of the first hospitals in the US to officially allow energy healing for their patients.

Now, as an MSW and CPC, I specialize in helping you achieve the personal, health, life and business success you desire. This includes life and whole person health coaching and facilitation for your wellness and improved potential; using ACT for self-healing; spiritual guidance; and energy medicine to remove blocks and enhance your progress. I continue my training in many fields, adding ACT, EFT, Coaching, etc. so I can better facilitate your growth.

Continuing mystical experiences and gifts continue to allow me to share healing with clients. Golden Angel Healing came to me during a harp concert given by Peter Sterling.   Heart Light Healing was a vision I first experienced in 1985 before I knew anything about energy medicine. 

Current member of
ACBS (Associaton for Contextual Behavioural Science);
ACBS Coaching SIG;
Social Work SIG;
Contextual Medicine SIG;
ISMHO (International Society for Mental Health Online).

ACT Training:

Steven Hayes workshop Phoenix 8/16: Act 2
Russ Harris on line training "ACT and Mindfulness for Trauma" - spring 2016
Steven Hayes workshop Phoenix 10/12: Mindful Approach to Rapid Clinical Change
ACBS World Convention X: 7/12 ; ACBS Boot Camp 2/2013
Private training with Richard Blonna 4/12: ACT and Coaching

Previous Energy Medicine Training:
University of Denver - MSW 87
Previous member of NASW 92-94

Reiki Master Teacher 1994

Advanced Energy Medicine and

Sacred Gem Healing Training 2001-2007

FWI training life coach 2008

Cellular Cleansing (Conklin Method) 2014
Color Works - Conklin 2015


Presenter for NASW annual conference on stress and creativity for seniors
Heart Centered Psychotherapy Training
V. Satir-Family Reconstruction
Suicide Prevention
Alcoholism/Addictions 40 hour training 
Play Therapy;Dance Therapy
Hypnotherapy 1987; Past Life Regression training 2003
Self-Esteem; Opening the Heart 1986; 1991
Therapeutic Touch I and II 1987 (same as Healing Touch now) 
Spirit-at-Work 1987

EFT training 
Co-Meditation with death/dying, grief/loss
Geriatrics specialization in DU Social Work
Family systems training
Brief solution focused training
oncology; cardiac
variety of management courses
statistical quality control
and personal growth courses.

Contact information 

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

PO Box 64396 

Tucson AZ 85728


Phone 1-877-300-1279

Phone: 1-520-272-4290

SKYPE name on request

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