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Sacred Soul Cellular Cleansing 


Sacred Soul Cleansing is an interactive experience that takes place over
6 + plus hours with a six month followup provided.  It is a thorough detailed cleansing and transformation of all the aspects of your whole life through the present.  It helps to bring lightness, clarity, etc and works on the physical cellular level and cleansing the sacred soul and cells to Awaken the Heart Light body.  
Amy Kalama has developed this method from her training and inner guidance to integrate with her coaching and healing work. 
This experience neutralizes and transforms traumatic emotions, memories and energy blockages stored in the cells and tissues of your physical body over a lifetime.  Each of our experiences includes a feeling state or emotion. When a word is spoken or thought which expresses that emotion, that non-physical feeling corresponds with a physical expression or word which becomes stored within your cells. Words literally become physical and can manifest into disease. As a result, you become what you think, say, and feel. 
Amy Kalama will lovingly guide you through this process which delivers astonishing results to clients worldwide.  Sacred Soul Cellular Cleansing can be offered in a group setting, or privately one on one in person, over ZOOM, Face Time or the phone. 
All recipients are able to use up to 6 private follow up appointments with Amy Kalama over the 6 months following as the body begins to shift and HEAL
Appreciate the Perfection that is You
Your body is an amazing healing machine - when you were born, you knew how to heal yourself. No one taught you. You could heal a cut, or mend a broken bone. Stitches or a cast do not cause healing to begin – your healing response is part of your cellular memory.  Reproduction of perfect cells is in your cellularmemory.
Why Do You Need for Sacred Soul Cellular Cleansing ?
Your body’s cells are always in one of two modes, grow or protect.  To continue good health - cells need to reproduce in grow mode.  When in fight or flight response, adrenaline/chemical surges switch your cells into protect mode. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between your hopes and your fears, the past or the present, or internal and external sources. Everything you say (or think) is real, is happening now, and it is all about you…
Individual and group sessions are available in Az, or your location in person or via Skype.
I will be guiding you through a series of meditations while I am working with you.   We will be working together to clean your energy that is being released do.  Six follow up sessions are available with me, via phone call or Skype, once a month or as needed for up to 6 months after.   
This process takes about 6 + hours over one or two days.  The followup lasts 30 -60 minutes every month for up to 6 months. You might experience some physical cleansing after the initial session. 
When you decide that this is right time for you to clear in this way, contact me and we can arrange a way for this to happen.  
Trauma cleansing is an adaptation given as a shorter session (appx 3 hours) and focuses specifically on trauma release and re-integration. There is shorter followup time frame.  
Business Cleansing is an adaptation to clear aspects of your business, as mutually designed to provide a greater flow and manifestation in your work. 
Each of these are done via Face time or Zoom as well as in person.    
I will be glad to send you additional information if you want via email or speak on the phone.  I accept cash, check payments, credit cards, Venmo, Square or PayPal.  

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