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Amy Kalama Hochreiter   -  Awaken the Heart      Whole Person Health              Coaching

All sessions now take place remotely, via Phone, Facetime or Zoom.


Heart Light Distance Healing includes a coaching session by email or phone before and after each session. A minimum of one hour of individual healing is given for your distant healing; plus a half hour phone or email communication before as well as after. Each session has the same time and comprehensive nature as an in person healing.

Multi session packages and Sliding scale available


Spiritual Yoga Energy Healing Bundle It is ideal to have four consecutive sessions, one per month to fully release any gandharvas and samskaras. This allows

Sri Babaji's cosmic energy to expand deeper and deeper as well as to stabilize between sessions.


Our main concern is for you to receive these spiritual blessings.


Additional benefits are heightened immune system, greater energy and feeling of lightness, improved ability to sleep, concentrate and focus for meditation and more. 


 After the initial four sessions, follow up sessions are often desired on a regular basis (several times a year) before a major life event, move, or after an illness or accident. Before each session any concerns are addressed and discussed to clarify the focus of the session. Afterwards a written report is sent to you by email or discussed over the phone. 


Coaching fees - Free Discovery Consultation

 Initial two hour session:  

Continuing sessions - one hour sessions  or sliding scale by prior arrangement

Available by phone or ZOOM. 

Coaching Package fees: 

13 sessions prepaid  

One hour weekly 3 months or one hour bi weekly for 6 months.

Other options available which include Awaken heart energy healing.

Cellular Cleansing is now available for individuals as well as group workshops. 

Intensive sessions to cleanse your cellular past present and future. 

Color Works and Trauma Clearing are also available. 

Heart Light Energy medicine sessions are a minimum of two-three hours per session and include coaching as well as a comprehensive assessment before the session.  Sliding scale available (not currently available in person)

Mentoring fees vary based on client and issues and will be determined upon initial session.

Intensive workshop ~ whole, half day, even several days solely dedicated to you!  Group workshops available.
Fees vary based on location, time allotted, etc.

 Please contact me for fee and payment information.
At my discretion, clients with limited incomes are accepted on a sliding scale basis. Please email or phone for information.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you cancel before 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, the full (prepaid) fee will be charged.

Please text, call or email to arrange payment before session via PayPal, Venmo, Square credit card, cash or check and to schedule/ confirm your appointment.

Contact information 

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

PO Box 64396 

Tucson AZ 85728


Phone 1-877-300-1279

Phone: 1-520-272-4290

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