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NEW in 2017: 


Sacred Soul Cleansing 

NEW in 2016:

Amy Kalama Hochreiter is now offering trauma clearing sessions for $295.  This service is a three hour trauma clearing using a synthesis of sacred soul cleansing, heart light healing and coaching to guide your release of traumatic events from your cellular and energetic structures. Typical traumas may include health crises, abusive relationships, major accidents, injuries, etc. Trauma can often result in PTSD and will affect the entirety of your life. No memory recall is needed during these sessions. More than one session or a full Sacred Soul Cleansing session is probably needed to fully clear all trauma. 

Amy Kalama Hochreiter also offers Color Works sessions (Conklin Method) and Golden Healing Angels as introductory sessions for her work. 


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NEW in 2015:

Amy Kalama Hochreiter recently became certified as a practitioner of Cellular Cleansing (Conklin Method) to add to her coaching and healing work.

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NEW in 2014:

Blue Guitar Magazine November 2014 Published poem

Sibella Poetry - Women's online poetry magazine. I was asked to be a featured poet for 2012
October/November 2012 issue:
August/September 2012 issue:

I organize sacred site journeys; ceremonies and rituals; and additional workshops and trainings on intuition, divine feminine, and light energies. I am available to speak with your group or organization about any number of topics.

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