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ACT - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT (pronounced as “act”) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy teaches new skills to manage difficult thoughts and feelings in a better way, to lessen the impact and clarify what is really important and meaningful to you. With this knowledge, which is ever evolving, clients improve their lives.

ACT includes the use of mindfulness and your self in the present; acceptance and the release of rigid thoughts; choosing values and taking valued action. Values give life meaning and may be different for each of us, and different as we reach another stage of life. The name ACT comes from one of its basic statements: Accept what is, clarify what is important to you and commit to values-based action to improve and enrich your life.

To learn more about ACT, there are many great books, articles, youtube videos and websites. You can begin with or who remains the inspiration behind ACT and ACBS.

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Recent Training:

Steven Hayes  Phoenix 10/2012: Mindful Approach to Rapid Clinical Change
ACBS World Convention X 7/2012 
Private training with Richard Blonna 4/2012: ACT and Coaching
ACBS Boot Camp 2/2013 Reno NV

Russ Harris ACT and Trauma online training  2016 

Steven Hayes Workshop Phoenix 8/2016: ACT 2

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