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What our customers say about Amy Kalama 

Here's what people are saying about Amy Kalama Hochreiter.

Amy Kalama is an amazing person/practitioner with a great gift for healing. 

M. Browne


Amy Kalama is a dependable, integral and powerful healer who sees the root cause of what ails you; utilizes the wisdom of age, training and experience to inform healing; and heals your deep sub-conscious to alleviate further issues from occuring. She offers wise counsel to all who converse with her. Her healing presence is a comfort and joy to all who encounter her. I highly recommend Kalama to anyone seeking healing.   -  Barbara E. 


Amy Kalama is wonderful. She is extremely knowledgeable and anvery gifted healer. She is a wonderful teacher.  -  Lois M.


Amy Kalama is an extraordinary teacher and powerful energetic healer. This combination allows the student to learn the information as well understand and feel it on an energetic level. Amy Kalama brings her vast experience in energy work with her to every workshop allowing an in-depth discussion about the different disciplines. Universal White Time Healing is the pinnacle of her experience and has transformed Amy Kalama into a master.Amy Kalama has been my teacher for 8 years and I am honored to have been taught by her.  -  Jolanta L. 


Amy ​Kalama was my Reiki teacher/master when I was attending Dr Andrew Weil's Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine in Tucson, AZ. The Reiki I and Reiki II classes I took from her were amazing and life-changing on a professional but also personal level! She is a calming presence as she guides you through healing sessions. She was wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  -  Dr. Lora 


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to let you know how things have been since your sessions. After your first session, it was much easier to stay positive. I didn't sink into the dark much and it was easier to pull myself back out. But after the second one, life is becoming delicious! That's really the best word. There's a real sweetness coming into my life that I've never experienced before. I can still grumble, but I don't get hooked. A simple remembrance and a smile are all that it takes to bring myself back up. My default is becoming positive, joyful and expectant of good, rather than negative. This is such a blessing, thank you. :)

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Joshua - Salem OR 2022















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