Amy Kalama Hochreiter - Awaken the Heart Whole Person Health Coaching
Amy Kalama Hochreiter   -  Awaken the Heart      Whole Person Health              Coaching

Mentoring is a process where wisdom gathered over years of life and work experience can be shared with one needing inspiration, guidance or assistance. Based on experience and insight, intuition and meditative clarity, this guidance is available over the phone, in person or via ZOOM. This is an interactive experience, facilitating your inner wisdom in a gentle way.

Mentoring includes:

Spiritual Yoga Energy medicine focus: Guidance for new healers; marketing and management for experienced healers; mentoring for advanced techniques, when what you know does not work, receiving new ideas, and inspiration, spiritual growth.

Wise Woman Spirituality focus: Any issue concerning your heart, spirit, body or mind.

Contact information 

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

PO Box 64396 

Tucson AZ 85728


Phone 1-877-300-1279

Phone: 1-520-272-4290

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