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Whole Person Health Coaching

Whole Person Health Coaching assists your whole person: physical heath, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual and energetic wellness.

Whole person healing originates from Dr. Rustum Roy's work among others. "We introduced the term whole person healing (WPH) to be an accurate guide to what previously had been called—by rather misleading titles—CAM or complementary and alternative medicine; and even integrative medicine (since QiGong practices are hardly ‘medicine’). There is universal agreement that a PERSON has three ‘aspects’—body, mind and spirit. To be truly healed—made whole—all three aspects must be restored."

WPH also carries a second message: that our whole personhood can be accessed, affected, changed; healed through the body, or the mind, or the spirit." from Dr. Rustum Roy (1924-2010)

Watch this video of Dr. Rustum Roy begin his discussion about Whole Person Healing from the radio show he hosted in 2010.

Whole Person Health supports a new paradigm for healing:

  1. You take individual responsibility and partnership in healing.
  2. First use natural methods for least invasive "no harm" intervention.
  3. A problem's cause is treated vs. only symptoms.
  4. Emotional, mental and spiritual as well as energetic consciousness are included as important parts of this healing model.
  5. Reduced overall costs result in the long term.
  6. Practitioners are facilitators vs authority and guide your process and experience.
  7. True healing takes time so results may not be immediate.
  8. Toxic cleansing can occur as the body releases toxins and prepares for a new wellness. Symptoms could be worse initially before they improve.

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