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Whole Person Facilitation

Integrative Health Coaching

Coaching through Transition to Transformation

Being alive means change happens; some may be desired and anticipated; some a natural change that comes with growth and life and at times, that which is unexpected, or traumatic. Even a planned, positive change that is desired brings stress and all that accompanies it.

Whether one has a vague inspiration for change or a major life event is thrust upon you, guidance and support during times of transition are useful for all of us as stress, strong emotions, and uncertainty cloud our vision and disturb our serenity leading to unwanted tension or conclusions. We all need assistance at these times to navigate the ever flowing tide of change that is part of our life.

Whole Person Facilitation offers this guidance, as we walk together in partnership through the often muddy waters of change. Clients develop clarity, insight, inner direction, confidence, support, respect, fulfillment, integration, accomplishment.

In Whole Person Facilitation, you go beyond the normal coaching experience. It is not traditional psychotherapy,and there is no counseling, psychological or similar intervention. Clients are not diagnosed, psychologically assessed or given psycho-therapeutic treatment. As a result they feel more comfortable with a process, which helps them grow and maneuver through change. My role acts as a therapeutic catalyst to facilitate and guide the appropriate change for your needs and desires.

Whole Person Facilitation helps with short term problem solving, focused on achieving the results and solutions you desire, and results in an overall therapeutic benefit for you. Using the ACT principles of self awareness and acceptance, mindfulness and becoming more present and aware of yourself, choosing values and taking committed action.

Your own wisdom held within you develops into clarified values and goals, which are then easier to accomplish as your communication and understanding improves and is supported through the facilitation process. You may experience an emotional and spiritual alchemy as well.

Areas of specialization include relationship issues (pre-marriage, marital distress, conflict resolution, decision making, uncoupling), women’s issues, parenting concerns (infant to young adult), retirement planning, elder care plans, sickness/trauma, health care advocacy, grief and loss, recovery, acute and chronic illness.

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