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Spiritual Yoga Energy Medicine classes allow the student to learn, practice and grow while using a sacred divine energy. Some students learn for self-healing and to help family. Others begin or enhance their professional career serving others through energy medicine.

The first class allows the student to use hands on and distance healing for self and others. Prerequisite: Willingness for spiritual growth and an awakening heart with divine Light and Love! This is a two day training, usually held on a weekend.

Subsequent classes offer more advanced training in energy medicine, including techniques to create with light. This includes a weekend training, an intermediate training, with more in-depth teaching; and a more transformational class, held in a retreat setting to allow for focused learning and a heightened spiritual awakening.

A more advanced class and practicum integrates the experience of energy medicine for advanced level practitioners, to help others, oneself, the earth and for personal growth. This assists emerging energy medicine practitioners to be more effective in their work and supports them through a mentoring apprenticeship process.

Teacher Training will be available for those who wish to teach.

Classes are normally held in Tucson AZ. Private individual classes are available for an additional fee. Classes outside Tucson Az are scheduled for a minimum of four students and additional fees for travel expenses.

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