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Amy Kalama Hochreiter offers a variety of assistance for your improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual 'whole person' health, harmony and wellness. Using ACT coaching, mindfulness and energy medicine techniques, this self-healing can improve your emotions and facilitate a better outcome. Anyone experiencing change can benefit, whether recovering from a health challenge, trauma, grief/loss, etc. to meet your desired goals, including improved health and wellness. Relationship and women's issues, work or life transitions can be enhanced using coaching as a supportive guide. Amy Kalama Hochreiter is available by phone or ZOOM.

Whole Person Healing facilitates your progress towards wholeness, harmony, health, integrity and light.. You are guided towards self-healing emotional, physical and mental health, spiritual and energetic well being. My work assists your development of a fuller potential in this life's journey, according to your values and goals. This includes trauma and grief resolution, significant pain management and relief, and assistance in health related decisions.

As an MSW, certified professional coach, and energy medicine healer/teacher, I am uniquely trained for this facilitation work. I act as your advocate and guide in your transformation, and health related choices. Using a variety of coaching techniques as well as mindfulness and heart awakening methods, clients report a deep inner peace and relaxation, an outer lightness and a return to wellness. Some experience a wiser fulfillment of their life purpose, as self-directed by you and your heart and spirit's guidance. I am available for health, life and spiritual coaching to support you as you meet your life's purpose in the most fantastic way possible.

Spiritual Yoga Energy Medicine Classes are available for self healing, and hands on or distance healing of others. This energy medicine focus opens your heart and clears energetic imprints, from the present and past, so you receive pure healing energy within your cells and atoms, aiding in a better outcome for your situation.

Although no claims can be made, others with medical diagnoses and illness have been helped, as these sessions support and facilitate your body's own healing resources to allow you to return to health. I gladly work with your medical provider and accept referrals.


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