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With over 27 years experience working with seniors in medical (hospice, hospital, rehab, and home health) settings, I have developed a unique array of experience, perspectives and wisdom about aging.

Most seniors do best remaining in their own homes, when possible. There are a multitude of options available to support this. It is not necessarily safer or better to move to assisted living or a similar arrangement, although this can be beneficial for many seniors. Seniors maintain the right to make their own decisions, even if family and caregivers disagree, provided they remain mentally competent and able to provide for their own physical care with or without assistance.

Our elders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their ability to hear, see, walk, etc. Although these years are popularly called the "golden years", chronic and acute health issues tarnish this perspective considerably. Similarly, many seniors survive on minimal incomes, established long before our current economic situation. It is common for considerable financial challenges to make it hard for a senior to eat a healthy diet, pay for medication, transportation and utitilies in addition to rent or housing costs.

Today's medical insurances pay for in-home nursing and therapy services with limited social services. Social services are considered adjunct and often barely scrape the surface of what is available, possible and helpful for an individual senior. If the senior lives alone or has visual or auditory challenges, it may be extremely difficult for them to access services. Many programs are time consuming to apply for and have long waiting periods (i.e. VA Aid and Attendance may take 6 months or more for approval; ALTCS takes about 8 weeks) or wait lists (i.e. PCOA, Meals on Wheels or HUD apartments).

For seniors or families of seniors desiring independent advice and consultation on how best to help yourself or loved one, please contact me at 520-272-4290 or 877-300-1279 or by email at

Consultation is available by phone, email, ZOOM or in person.

Current psychological theory about counseling approaches for seniors with depression, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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